Already before official launch, Fidesz' campaign was in full swing

Hungarian Politics In-Depth - Election Edition, 1-15 February 2014

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Hungarian Politics In-Depth - Election Edition, 15-29 January 2014

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Hungarian Politics In-Depth - Election Edition, 1-14 January 2014

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What we learned about (voter) abstinence

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, December, 2013

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Non-Voters in Hungary

Summary of the Policy Solutions – Friedrich Ebert Foundation study

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Fifth constitutional amendment: Just following orders?

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, October, 2013

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The Alliance of the Hungarian Opposition: Burying the Hatchet

Policy Solutions' Working paper for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

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Things to look forward to in autumn

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, September, 2013

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An anti-European campaign in the making

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, July, 2013

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New realities in campaign financing

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, June, 2013

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Right-Wing Extremism in Hungary

In: Right-Wing Extremism in Europe (FES)

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Assembling the anti-Orbán coalition

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, May, 2013

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The populist poker begins

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, April, 2013

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Fundamental Law: feet of clay

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, March, 2013

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Fidesz: the year ahead

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, February, 2013

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Hungarian politics in 2012: Fidesz and its opposition

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, 2012, Week 51

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Deputy PM under attack: plagiarism is back

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, 2012, Week 50

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New election procedure finally passed

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, 2012, Week 47

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LMP at the crossroads

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, 2012, Week 45

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After 23 October, fragmented left a bit more united

Hungarian Politics In-Depth, 2012, Week 43

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