Towards a social democratic century?

New book on how European and global social democracy can steer a course through the crises, featuring a chapter by our director András Bíró-Nagy on Hungary.
Towards a social democratic century?

With the war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis, the lingering pandemic and the onrushing threat of climate change, a bewildering array of transnational political challenges present themselves. Can social democrats articulate convincing solutions to these challenges, behind which progressives can rally, in Europe and globally?

The FEPS-FES publication ‘Towards a social democratic century? How European and global social democracy can steer a course through the crises’ gathers interviews and chapters contributed by political thinkers and practitioners, and presents a rich repertoire of ideas and proposals which offer some reasons to hope for better times ahead. Editors: Katharina Hofmann, Ania Skrzypek and Robin Wilson. 

András Bíró-Nagy, Director of Policy Solutions contributed to this new book with a chapter on the state of social democracy in Hungary.

The book can be downloaded from here.


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