We cordially invite you to the joint conference of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Policy Solutions entitled ’Is Populism the new Zeitgeist?’. The conference aims to provide an in-depth investigation on the causes of rising populism and its implications on mainstream politics in Hungary and Europe.

Political Analysis & Forecast - October 2015

In the last few years, Policy Solutions has received questions on a regular basis from investors, journalists, diplomats and politicians concerning the political situation in Hungary. That is why we have decided to launch our new service, 'Political Analysis & Forecast', an overview on Hungarian politics in English.

Policy Solutions became full member of the European FEPS Network

We proudly announce that Policy Solutions has been approved as Hungarian member of the European Network of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS). Consequently, Policy Solutions and FEPS are going to work together in numerous research programmes, especially in the fields of populism, European democracy and contemporary social democr...

Clash of Values: Political Background	of the Refugee Crisis in Hungary

Tamás Boros' analysis on the political background of the Hungarian refugee crisis, published by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

How Refugees Halt Fidesz's Decline

Policy Solutions' analysis on the political background of the Hungarian refugee crisis can now be downloaded from our 'Analyses' section.


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Policy Solutions have jointly decided to hold a conference entitled ’The far-right and the mainstream’. The conference aims to provide an in-depth investigation of the interaction between the far-right and mainstream politics.

International think tank meeting on inequalities and populism in the EU

In following up on the success of our international think tank meeting on the state of the European left-wing parties last November, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Budapest and Policy Solutions organized a meeting on the subject of Inequalities in the European Union, which was held in Budapest on 10-11 June 2015.

Foreign Policy Conflicts in the Hungarian Media

Policy Solutions and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation have jointly decided to examine the presentation in selected major media of various foreign policy conflicts that have surfaced since autumn 2014, along with the domestic policy divisions they engender.

Invitation: „The Hungarian Media and Foreign Policy Conflicts"

We would kindly like to invite you to a conference entitled The Hungarian Media and Foreign Policy Conflicts. The conference aims to review how the Hungarian media have handled the following issues over the past few months: the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the scandal surrounding the American ban on the entry of certain high level Hungarians officia...

Hungarian Politics in 2014

In collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Policy Solutions presents an annual review of Hungarian politics. This publication is a comprehensive overview of recent developments, events and trends in Hungary in 2014.


About Us

Policy Solutions is a progressive political research institute based in Budapest. It was founded in 2008 and it is committed to the values of liberal democracy, solidarity, equal opportunity, sustainability and European integration. The focus of Policy Solutions’ work is on understanding political processes in Hungary and the European Union. Among the pre-eminent areas of our research are the investigation of how the quality of democracy evolves, the analysis of factors driving euroscepticism, populism and the far-right, and election research. 



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