The Expendables – Fidesz is slicing its coalition

. Now the government has put an axe to large portions of the coalition, by cutting benefits and services that affect hundreds of thousands of citizens. Especially citizens in an economically vulnerable position are likely to turn against Fidesz.

It's lonely on the throne of Budapest

As Fidesz plans to completely restructure the system of municipal governance in the country and will also revamp Budapest’s local government in the process, it is time to take a look at the status of politics in the nation’s capital a few months after the right took control for the first time since regime transition.

All Against Hoffmann

Rózsa Hoffmann’s first two higher education plans disappointed major figures in the governing party, the Prime Minister among them. Now the leaked information from her third plans threatens to inflame major portions of the higher education community as well.

Cutting on the stealth

With the presentation of the Convergence Programme, Fidesz is adding more specifics to its economic policy approach. In an extraordinary feat of communication, it has successfully embedded austerity measures within its economic programme and used the hubbub surrounding the constitution to divert attention from the less savoury specifics of said pro...

For some, Jobbik is all that’s left

According to the latest surveys, Jobbik has gained a few percent in the polls. Like the other two parliamentary opposition parties, however, it is still incapable of attracting a sizeable portion of those disappointed in Fidesz.

A schizophrenic presidency at halftime

The first half of Hungary’s time in the spotlight of EU politics has passed. It was marred by squabbles over the media law and the ongoing debate about the constitution – in other words domestic issues that ideally should not have dominated coverage about Hungary at a time when it seeks to influence the progress and direction of European public pol...

How green can this country become?

Green parties are on the rise in European politics. LMP is hoping to ride the wave that is taking the German Greens from one electoral success to the next.

In the search for lost voters

A growing number of voters refuse to name a party they would support, sending Fidesz and the entire political class a warning message. Fidesz’s popularity is reminiscent of a hot-air balloon with a small leak – the helium is gradually oozing out, slowly bringing the balloon from stratospheric heights back towards the ground.

A fair weather opposition?

The demonstrations of March 15th were above all an opportunity to demonstrate strength. As was expected, Fidesz succeeded. Surprisingly, the left-of-centre opposition displayed impressive strength in the streets for the first time in years. As of yet, this opposition is not willing to align itself politically.

Constituting the Revolutionary Republic

Even though Fidesz has moved relatively swiftly in presenting its draft of the constitution, in light of the fact that it wants to have it passed by the end of April it does not leave much time for actually debating it.


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